Technological solutions

«We don’t sell equipment. We realize technologies» is a core strategy of our company.

«We don’t sell equipment. We realize technologies» is a core strategy of our company.

Water treatment

Circulating water supply

Wastewaters treatment

Areas of use

  • Housing and utilities infrastructure
  • Power industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Food industry
  • Waste sorting factories and SDW landfills
  • Woodworking- and paper industry
  • Metals industry and metalwork
  • Light industry
  • Chemical industry and mineral fertilizers production
  • Mining
  • Airports, sea- and river ports
  • Electroplating industry and machinery manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Building materials manufacturing

Our approach

  1. Ensuring of the required treatment parameters

  2. Laboratory confirmation of the suggested technological scheme

  3. Organization of pilot testing

  4. Local technological solutions

  5. Fast implementation period of projects

  6. Calculation of main technical and economic indices and the effectiveness of the project before the building

  7. Maximal usage of the present equipment

  8. Solutions development in a limited area

Algorithm of work

Each water supply and wastewater disposal object is unique and requires a complex approach

1 step

on-site investigations of the object

2 step

front-end engineering and exploratory design

3 step

selection of optimal technological solution and economic justification

4 step

equipment manufacturing

5 step

building and assembling

6 step

start-up work

7 step

checking and treatment effectiveness confirmation in the laboratory

8 step

maintenance service

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