Water treatment

Ion-exchange plant «Crystall-IO»

  • Full automation of water treatment processes and filters flushing
  • Plant operation without permanent presence of maintenance staff
Ion-exchange plant «Crystall-IO»

The plant is designed for water treatment from hardness salts and bringing it to the requirements established by the sanitary-epidemiological normative documents.

The set of equipment is calculated and selected based on the initial data, provided by the customer, and the chemical composition of the source water. In some cases, it is possible to remove dissolved gases from the source water and to reduce the oxidizability with this plant. The technology is based on the ion exchange method. 


Main characteristics

Technical specifications
Filter’s diameter
from 0,3 to 3,0 m
Capacity of 1 filter
from 0,4 to 100m3/h
Housing material
stainless steel with corrosion-resisting covering
Filtering load
ion-exchange resin
Clean load’s fraction composition
0,3-1,5 mm
Drainage system
cap-type (false bottom)/radial
Automation system
full automation of the technological process

How it works

Технология работы установки

Application form

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