Water treatment

Reverse osmosis plant "Crystall -OR"

  • Full factory readiness
  • Minimal commissioning term
  • Obtaining ultraclean water
  • Long service life of the membranes (3-5 years)
  • Automatic mode of plant's operation
Reverse osmosis plant

The plant is intended for natural waters treatment, tertiary wastewater treatment from dissolved salts by means of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes. The plant is usable in any central water supply systems of inhabited localities and industrial enterprises, systems for sewage tertiary treatment from dissolved salts. 


Reverse osmosis plant "Crystall -OR"
Reverse osmosis plant "Crystall -OR"
Reverse osmosis plant "Crystall -OR"
Reverse osmosis plant "Crystall -OR"
Reverse osmosis plant "Crystall -OR"

Main characteristics

Technical specifications
Of one plant is from 1 to 50 m3/h
Full automation of technological processes

The best in the industry at the year-end 2021


Application form

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