Water treatment

Containerized water treatment plant "Crystall-OWK"

  • Full factory readiness
  • Minimal ACW at the facility
  • Minimal commissioning term
  • Wide performance range
Containerized water treatment plant

The plant is intended for natural surface water treatment from increased colority, turbidity, oxidizability, increased content of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, suspended solids of different degree of dispersion to the normative content.

Container design allows to save the footprint of the equipment complex and to minimize the volume of construction and installation work at the facility. 

The plant is a complex of technological equipment, designed for deep mechanical water treatment with filtration capacity from 100 µm, reagent water treatment, thin-layered sedimentation, filtration of clarified water by means of rapid pressure filters or non-pressure filters with sand or other filtering load, tertiary treatment by means of sorption filters to correct the organoleptic parameters of water. 

Containerized water treatment plant "Crystall-OWK"

Main characteristics

Technical specifications
from 3 to 50 m3/h
Water consumption for own needs
2-3% from the plant's capacity (if there is a flushing water treatment unit)
Heating system
Electric air heaters

How it works

Plant's operation technology

Application form

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