Water treatment

Self-flushing filter-module of continuous operation «Crystall-DF»

  • Low energy consumption
  • Absence of flushing pumps
  • Does not have wearing running gears
  • Losses of sand are not more than 2% annually
  • Solid and easy automation
  • Minimum of shut-off and control valves
Self-flushing filter-module of continuous operation «Crystall-DF»

It is intended for operation in systems for treatment of water from underground and surface sources; in the systems for polishing of wastewaters; in the reverse osmosis systems.

The basic element of the plant is the filter module «Crystall-DF» which is a non-pressure continuous filter, where the filtration process and flushing of filtering layer occur continuously and simultaneously. 

The filters are characterized with absence of running gears, which can be worn down and a low energy consumption. The breaks in operation (in a routine mode) for filter’s flushing are excluded owing to the system of continuous flushing of the filtering layer at the same time with the filtering process.


Self-flushing filter-module of continuous operation «Crystall-DF»

Main characteristics

Advantages Technical specifications
  • Minimum of shut-off and control valves and absence of difficult control systems
  • Small building footprint
  • Small energy consumption: electrical energy is needed only for the compressor, provides the airlifts operation
  • Low operational costs. A standard version of the filter is manufactured of stainless steel and doesn’t have wearing running gears
  • Minimal technical maintenance: simplicity of the process reduces the time of presence of the maintenance personnel up to a few minutes a day
  • Absence of idle periods in operation while flushing: simultaneous filtration and flushing excludes the necessity of periodical work of the filter
  • Absence of a separate flushing unit, absence of additional flushing filters
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3 m/h to 100 thousand m3/h
Water losses on filter regeneration (together with "Crystal L")
1-2 % of capacity
Dimensions of basic filters
D, mm - from 640 to 2500
H, mm - from 3300 to 7700

How it works

Plant’s operation technology

Application form

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