Water treatment

Filter-module "Crystal-N"

  • Operation of the equipment without the constant presence of operating personnel
  • Reagent-free biochemical treatment method
  • It takes 5-6 minutes to rinse the filter
  • Service life of filter media -15 years (quartz sand)
  • Full automation of filter cleaning and washing processes
  • Service hatch

It is intended for purification of water from artesian wells from iron, manganese, color and turbidity, and bringing these parameters to the established requirements.

The set of equipment is calculated and selected based on the chemical composition of the source water.

In some cases, with the help of this unit, it is possible to solve the problem of removing dissolved gases from water, as well as to reduce the oxidizability.

The technology is based on the method of simplified aeration, filtration and biological oxidation of divalent iron and manganese ions, retention of the formed compounds in the thickness of the filter loading. This technology is reagent-free and does not require the introduction of additional oxidizing agents.

Filter-module "Crystal-N"

Main characteristics

Advantages Technical specifications
  • Long filter cycle - 168 hours
  • Identical filtration rates in all filters, regardless of the hydraulic resistance (head losses) in the individual filter
  • Amount of rinse water - 0.3-0.5% of the daily capacity of the water treatment plant
Filter diameter
0.3 to 3.0 m
Capacity of 1 filter
0.4 to 63 m3/h
Housing material
corrosion-resistant steel
Filter load
silica sand, BAZ
Net load fraction
1-2 mm
Drainage system
cap (false bottom)
Aeration system
water-air ejector, dynamic mixer
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How it works

Technology of plant operation

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