Tangential sand catcher

The tangential sand catcher is a plant of mechanical wastewater treatment meant to remove coarsely dispersed suspended solids, the hydraulic size of which is 18-24 mm/s (sand particle size - 0.2-0.25 mm). The plant can be manufactured with the capacity from 10 to 400 m3/hour.

The operation principle of the tangential sand catcher is based on separation of discharge liquid and coarsely dispersed suspended solids (sand) under the influence of centrifugal and gravitational forces. Its efficiency is 90% for sand particle size larger than 0.4 mm and 40% for sand particle size from 0.2 to 0.4 mm.

Sludge/sediment removal is carried out under hydrostatic head, by means of air lift pumps or submersible pumps equipped with a turbulent mechanism.

The body and the basic constructional elements can be made of steel St3 with double-sided corrosion-resistant coating, stainless steel, polymer spirally twisted pipes HDPE PE100 depending on local working conditions and wastewater type.

Optionally, sand catcher operation (sand unloading, alarm level control) is fully automated and integrated in the facility dispatch system.

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