Station for salt solution making Crystall-SR

Crystall-SR is meant for salt or chemical solution making in chemical water treatment systems, chemical industry, road service and food industry. The body and all technological elements (including pump working parts) are manufactured of polymer materials, which are resistant to aggressive environments.

Complimentary, the station can be equipped with storage tanks for ready solution and with pumping units.

Capacity (dry reagent)
1200 kg/hour
Capacity (solution)
7.5 m3/hour
Solution tank volume
5 m3
Dry reagent bin capacity
800 kg
Installed capacity
1.5 kW / 220V

The station for salt solution making Crystall-SR is meant for salt solution making or for changing its concentration. Basic design allows to make and store 5 m3 of solution. Protection against corrosion is provided by manufacturing all elements of the station, including pump working parts, of polymer materials (PP, HDPE). Loading of granular material into a loading bin is carried out by the loader having unloading operating height of at least 1.5 meters.   

General technical specifications

Loading bin volume, m3 2.55
Solution tank volume, m3 5.0
Maximum loading weight of salt, kg 800
Salt dissolution cycle, min 45 - 60
Permissible environment temperature, °C from -10 to +40

Electric equipment power supply:

Type of current AC
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Total power consumption, kW 4.5


Length, mm 2615
Breadth, mm                                        2060
Height, mm 2080


Dry, kg 650
Maximal (with salt and water), ton   1.45