Land wastewater treatment plant Crystall BIO-MBR

The plant is meant for domestic and similar industrial wastewater treatment in accordance with requirements of discharge into cultural and general surface water bodies and fishery water bodies, or for re-use for technical purposes. Crystall-BIO-MBR is used for deep biological treatment of wastewater of small settlements, cottage settlements, hotel complexes, health and medical institutions, individual buildings, factories and others.

The technological scheme considers the features of wastewater composition and inflow mode, as well as the possible level of plant operation. The plants are manufactured individually according to Customer's specifications with regard to their capacity, operation mode and other conditions.    

The following processes are realized in the technological scheme:

  • Equalization of flowrate and concentration of pollutants coming for treatment (in basic design, it is provided by the Customer);
  • Treatment from mechanical impurities;
  • Deep biological wastewater treatment on the basis of nitrification-denitrification processes;
  • Physicochemical treatment of wastewater, sedimentation of dissolved phosphate using a coagulant and separation of sludge mixture by means of membrane ultrafiltration;
  • Wastewater UV disinfection;
  • Sludge dewatering.

Equalizing tank is a tank, the capacity of which provides uniform wastewater discharge to the treatment plant. Pumping and mixing equipment should be installed in the equalizing tank.

Unit of mechanical treatment consists of a sand catcher, a drum screen or a belt sieve. It is used for removal of medium and small wastes from domestic wastewater and their mechanized discharge into a waste container.

Unit of biological treatment is meant for complete biological wastewater treatment. Technologically, it is divided into:

  • Unit of nitrification
  • Unit of denitrification
  • Unit of membrane filtration

High doses of activated sludge immobilized on the volume bed Bio-Yozh in the bioreactor allow significantly reduce areas that the treatment plants could occupy, and high age of activated sludge and cultivation of slowly growing microflora allow to reduce the amount of generated surplus sludge. The efficient scheme of nitrification-denitrification and reagent phosphorus removal by means of coagulant dosing directly into the bioblock is realized in the plant.

In the unit of biological treatment, the technological process provides continuous aeration, constant recirculation and mixing of sludge mixture.

Separation of sludge mixture and treated wastewater is performed by means of ultrafiltration flat membranes.

Unit of UV disinfection is meant for disinfection of treated wastewater.

Chemical section provides coagulant dosing for sedimentation and retention of dissolved phosphates.

Unit of sludge dewatering is represented by a screw water remover, a belt filter press or a centrifuge and provides a high degree of surplus activated sludge dewatering.