Automatic sewage pumping station of socket type KNS-POLYMER

KNS-POLYMER is a station of full factory readiness in polymer body made of spirally twisted pipes HDPE PE100. It is manufactured in single or multiple body design (depending on capacity) and equipped with pumps of different manufacturers (as agreed with the Customer).

Minimum of construction work is required during construction on site: excavation of pit, foundation works, mounting of the station, linking to networks, placing of tightening weight, backfilling.

The body made of spirally twisted pipes HDPE PE100 has sufficient ring stiffness for operation below ground without additional reinforcement with steel concrete.

Standard module capacity
600 m3/hour
Body diameter
from 1200 to 2400mm
Socket depth
up to 9 m
local or from the control center
Holding trash device
basket or screw sieve

The automatic sewage pumping station KNS-POLYMER of full factory readiness is meant for domestic, storm and industrial wastewater pumping.

The cylindrical body-tank is made of spirally twisted pipes HDPE PE100 with cavity walls (pipe PE SV TU BY 390 151 606 / 016-2011) of S8 grade (ring stiffness SN = 0.01 mPa).

The body has a flat bottom with conical narrowing to reduce not pumpable content. If needed, the reinforcement of the bottom is provided by welded steel frame for pumps mounting.

The above-ground part of KNS-POLYMER is equipped with a manhole cover and ventilation of internal volume. Optionally, the station can be equipped with an air-ejector fan in standard or explosion-proof design.

Attachment of supply and pressure pipelines to the connecting pipes of KNS-POLYMER is performed by means of using flange connections with steel flanges PN = 1.0 mPa.

KNS-POLYMER is equipped with submersible pump units with devices for quick mounting (automatic pipe couplings). The station is complimentary equipped with a basket-screen for collection of large trash, a technological ladder and, if needed, a platform for maintenance, repair or replacement of valves and piping and pumps.

Operation principle

Through the inlet manifold and the basket-screen, wastewater enters the receiving tank, at the bottom of which pump units are installed.

The pump units are equipped with devices of quick mounting / dismounting (automatic pipe couplings, guide pipes). Pressure lines of each pump are equipped with knife shutters and reverse valves.

The cover of the body is equipped with a manhole for access to KNS-POLYMER and for mounting / dismounting of pumps and a basket-screen.

Operation of KNS-POLYMER equipment is controlled by the automation system, installed in the control board placed in direct proximity to the station.

3 level sensors are fixed on the wall of the body, with the help of which pump units operation is controlled. Application:

  • The first sensor (bottom) provides protection against dry running and stopping of the pump when the level of wastewater in the receiving tank drops to the minimum;
  • The second sensor switches on the working pump unit when the level of wastewater rises to the design level (it is set while commissioning works);
  • The third sensor switches on the second (reserve) pump unit when the design level of wastewater inflow rises or the working pump fails. It is also the sensor of emergency overflow of KNS-POLYMER.

The automation system provides the possibility to equip the station with local or remote alarm system informing about the state of the pumps (operation, emergency) and the overflow of regulating volume.

Complimentary set

In order to reduce starting current and wearing down of starting and control valves, as well as to reduce the risk of hydraulic hammer and to save energy, KNS-POLYMER automation system can be equipped with a pump soft starter.