Pressure block-modular water trearmant plant Crystall-N

Due to using unique technologically advanced solutions, Crystall-N is an excellent variant for groundwater treatment from iron, manganese, color and turbidity. In some cases, the water trearmant plant can be used for removal of dissolved gases (hydrogen sulfide and ammonia) from source water.

The technology is based on the nonchemical aeration method of biochemical oxidation of iron and manganese. All constructional and technological solutions are covered by the patent of the Republic of Belarus.

Filter diameter
from 0.3 to 3.0 m
1 Filter Capacity
from 0,4 to 63 м3/hour
Body material
steel with corrosion-resistant coating
Filter bed
quartz sand, biologically active bed
Bed grain particle size
1-2 mm
Drain system
variants: cap system on false bottom, radial system, slit width - 0.8 mm
Aeration system
variants: water-air ejector, dynamic mixer
Automation system
full automation of the technological process on the basis of shutters with pneumatic drive; possibility of implementation into the dispatch system.
Water loss for own needs (washing)
0.3-0,5% of capacity
Washing mode
back washing, intensity - 18 liter/sec for 1 m2
Filter cycle time
176 hours and more
Complementary function
discharge of the first filtrate

The pressure block-modular water treatment plant Crystall-N is designed for groundwater treatment from iron, manganese, color and turbidity in accordance with SanPiN requirements. It is manufactured in accordance with TU BY 390151606.004-2008. Technological schemes and configuration options allow to apply the plant almost in any schemes of centralized water supply systems of settlements.

The basic element of the water treatment plant is the pressure filter-module Crystall-N (0.3-3.0 m in diameter).

The plants Crystall-N are manufactured using the latest achievements and advanced technologies and covered by the patent of the Republic of Belarus №10695 “The plant for underground water iron removal” dated 03.06.08 (UP Polymerconstruction is the patent holder).


  • High quality of materials. Filter drain systems are made of polymer materials and filter bodies are made of steel with corrosion-resistant coating that ensures high corrosion resistance and improved hydraulic characteristics;
  • Automation.  Full automation of plant operation is achieved due to the original technological scheme of filter washing by means of using modern and reliable valves and piping and automation equipment;
  • Efficiency and economy. Application of the patented water aeration system does not only reduce the value of capital and operating costs, but also increases efficiency of plant operation by equalizing filtration rate and oxygen concentration in all filter-modules, regardless of the degree of colmatation of the filter bed;
  • Stable station operation. Long service cycle and minimum volume of wash water (0.3-0.5% of capcity) are achieved by original technological solutions and stable operation in case of pressure loss in the filter-module.

Constructional design

At Customer's request, filter bodies can be manufactured of galvanized steel with additional polymer coating or can have another enhanced corrosion-resistant coating. Drain systems (cap systems on a false bottom or radial systems) are made of polymer materials. The basic filter bed is high-quality quartz sand or crushed granite, the grain size of which is 1.0-2.0 mm. Bed layer height is 1.0-1.2 m.

Disk shutters with pneumatic control are used as automated valves and piping; disk shutters with hand lever drive are used as constructional valves and piping.

Depending on diameter and dimensions, the filter-modules are mounted on a common frame in the amount of 2-3 pieces with manifold pipelines and undergo hydraulic tests in factory environment.

In basic design, each filter is equipped with water-air ejectors, ensuring equalization of filtration rate and saturation of water with oxygen, regardless of the degree of colmatation (hydraulic resistance) of the filter bed.

The hydraulic system of automatic control is used under unstable operating mode of water intake facilities (sequential on/off switching of wells).

Depending on local conditions (operating pressure, water tower height, etc.), the plant can be equipped with a compressor aeration system.

Crystall-N is completed with a full set of manifold pipelines, one or two water metering units (the second one is for recording of water volume for filter washing), valves and piping, an automation unit and measuring and control appliances. The delivery set may include constructions of light metal structure of full factory readiness.   

Technological scheme and principle of operation

Source water from wells is supplied into the upper filter zone through the water-air ejector where the air cushion of a certain height is created. Excess air together with partially emanated dissolved gases is removed through the air vent.

Oxygen-enriched water enters the filter bed, the grain surface of which is covered with active biofilm from iron/manganese-oxidizing bacteria and oxidation products - hydroxide. As a result of complex autocatalytic physicochemical and biochemical processes, dissolved ferrous iron and manganese oxidize in filter material; its hydroxide evolves at grain surface and in pore space of the bed. In course of work, pressure loss in the filter increases and reaches the limit; it determines the filter cycle time and the need for filter washing.

Depending on local conditions, filter washing can be performed by water from water towers located nearby or with the help of special wash pumps that take water from clean-water tanks. Other methods require careful study and hydraulic calculations. In any case, the calculated mode of washing for intensity, duration and frequency must be provided.

Under the accepted constructional design of the plant, washing intensity should be 16-18 liter/cm2, duration - 5-6 minutes.

Filter washing frequency (filter cycle time) depends on iron and manganese content, technological parameters of iron removal processes and its constructional design. The patented technology allows maximally prolong the filter cycle time (up to 7-10 days) and guaranty equal filtration rate at all filters, regardless of the degree of colmatation.

Optimization of the technological process and plant construction allows using the possibilities of aeration methods of groundwater iron removal to the maximum, and at high water quality, helps significantly reduce operating costs by lowering energy and water consumption for its own needs.

UP Polymerconstruction provides manufacture of equipment, its delivery, installation, executes commissioning works, implements turn-key projects with the following warranty service.