Wash water treatment plant Crystall-L

The thin-layer settler Crystall-L is a highly efficient plant used for surface water pretreatment / post treatment and wastewater tertiary treatment, as well as for wash water treatment after high-rate filters. Set at an angle of 55-65 degrees, the thin-layer modules provide efficient sedimentation of suspended solids from water or wastewater.   

Operation principle:

Source water is moved into the flocculation tank where processes of fast and slow mixing occur. Under hydrostatic pressure, processed water from the flocculation tank enters the central channel of the settler, in which it is divided into several streams under the thin-layer module. When moving between the plates, suspended solids (under the influence of their own weight) sediment on the plates and slide down into the sludge storage tank, in which their further densification occurs. Clarified water flows to the upper part of the settler and is removed from the plant by means of the collection trough. Sludge discharge is performed periodically, depending on the amount of sludge contained in wastewater.

The plant operates independently and its maintenance is limited to periodic (automatic or manual) sludge discharge.

The applied hydraulic load of the plant lies within the range from 0.5 to 1.5 m3/m2/hour of settling calculated area.   

Material of production                              
  • Stainless steel (standard);
  • Acid-resistant steel (option);
  • Structural steel with chemical-resistant coating (option);
  • Polypropylene, high density polyethylene.


  • Saving of settling area is up to 90% compared to traditional horizontal settlers;
  • Reduction of investment costs is up to 50%;
  • Faultless operation and high reliability in operation;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs;
  • Plant operation does not require supervision;
  • Absence of high-wear parts.