Water Treatment

  • The thin-layer settler Crystall-L is a highly efficient plant used for surface water pretreatment / post treatment and wastewater tertiary treatment, as well as for wash water treatment after high-rate filters. Set at an angle of 55-65 degrees, the thin-layer modules provide efficient sedimentation of suspended solids from water or wastewater.   

  • Crystall-DF
    Capacity – from 3 to 100 000 m3/hour

    Crystall-DF is meant for surface water treatment in drinking and industrial water supply systems.

    The distinctive feature of non-pressure continuous operation filters is the process where water treatment and filter regeneration occur simultaneously. This ensures constant operation mode and balanced load of technological equipment. Owing to it, the automation system ...

  • Crystall-B
    Capacity – from 1200 to 75000 m3 per hour
  • Crystall-NK
    Capacity – from 3 to 100 m3 per hour

    Crystall-NK consists of pressure filters Crystall-N and containers of standard shipping dimensions; it retains all technological advantages and benefits. Furthermore, it allows the Customer to save on construction works as the containerized water treatment plant is ready for start-up from the moment of manufacture and requires only connection to pipe utilities. Depending on the existing wat...

  • Crystal-N
    Capacity – from 0,4 to 63 m3/hour

    Due to using unique technologically advanced solutions, Crystall-N is an excellent variant for groundwater treatment from iron, manganese, color and turbidity. In some cases, the water trearmant plant can be used for removal of dissolved gases (hydrogen sulfide and ammonia) from source water.

    The technology is based on the nonchemical aeration method of biochemical ...


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