Svetlogorsk district - Non-pressure water treatment station

Svetlogorsk district - Non-pressure water treatment station

In the performance of the task of the facility construction: "Improvement of water supply system and the third stage water pumping station operation with iron removal station of Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region", cooperation with water treatment equipment manufactory UP Polymerconstruction has shown us high qualification, responsibility and competence of the professionals of your company.

Thank you for early fulfillment of the contractual obligations regarding supply of the non-pressure iron removal plant with the capacity of 10.000 m3/day. Supply of the equipment together with the second stage pumping station equipped with the disinfection system on the basis of UV lamps has allowed to realize the project of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Kaliningrad Region and the regional investment program for 2010 and normalize iron content and other components in water, minimize costs for treatment, as well as efficiently resolve the issues of energy and resource saving through the use of modern technologies and materials in design and manufacture of water treatment systems.

We hope for further cooperation on improving the water supply system of Svetlogorsk district.    

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