About us

The main activities of the group of companies UP Polymerconstruction, founded in 2001, are development, manufacture and implementation of high technologies and equipment at water supply and sanitation facilities in cities, towns and industrial enterprises. The slogan of the company: "We do not sell equipment, we realize technologies." This is the maximum compliance with Customer’s interests and provision of a full range of services from design to facility delivery on a turnkey basis.

The group of companies UP Polymerconstruction consists of:

  • UP Polymerconstruction (water treatment equipment manufactory);    
  • OOO ZapadVodStroy (design, contract construction works, mounting and start-up works, service, water well drilling);    
  • OOO Ecovodstroy (General Representative in the Russian Federation).   
  • Water treatment equipment manufactory UP Polymerconstruction develops technologies and manufactures equipment for solving water supply and sanitation problems. Unique developments and hardware solutions in the field of artesian water biological treatment have allowed us to take the leading position in this direction.   

    Since 2014, the certified quality management system, complying with requirements of international standards of ISO 9000 series (STB ISO 9001-2009 Certificate of conformity № BY 05.01.005 112 033 49) has been implemented at the company. Localization in the volume of products manufacture of not less than 70% indicates true manufacture and our guarantee - it is the honor of the manufacturer.   

    During the period of 2001 – 2016, UP Polymerconstruction manufactured, delivered, mounted and delivered on a turnkey basis more than 600 facilities of water supply and sanitation in all regions of the Republic of Belarus, and more than 100 facilities on the territories of 22 regions of the Russian Federation (from Kaliningrad to Irkutsk region, from the Komi Republic to Krasnodar Territory).